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How to Play Mahjong

Mahjong is about creating order out of chaos by randomly drawing the tiles! --Julia Roberts

Wow, as a mahjong fan for many years, I never knew Mahjong had this meaning, I think Julia Roberts is really a genius. Now let me talk about Mahjong in my understanding. 🎉

What is Mahjong

I think there are three types of Mahjong in the world. The first one is Chinese Mahjong and its variants, including MCR (Mahjong Competition Rules), SBR (Sichuan Bloody Rules Mahjong), Riichi Mahjong (Japanese Mahjong) and HongKong Mahjong, Most of the mahjong spread around the world falls into this category. 🀄

The second one is mahjong solitaire. Why did Mahjong,the most popular board game in the East, and solitaire, the most popular card game in the West, be combined to create a baby called mahjong solitaire? I don't quite understand what's going on, but you know it's enough that a lot of people like it now. 🥰

The third type is called American Mahjong. Compared with Chinese Mahjong and Japanese Mahjong, it except that the tiles are similar, the rules are completely different. American Mahjong is a unique existence in the Mahjong world, and Americans are proud of this uniqueness. 🤠

What does Mahjongo do

Mahjongo will do three things: First, we need to teach beginners how to play mahjong. Mahjong is a bit difficult for many beginners. For example, for Riichi mahjong learners, what is riichi, what is yaku, what is dora, and what is furiten are not so easy to understand. Similarly, the 81 scoring elements of MCR mahjong are not so easy to understand. We need to provide simple ways for users to learn easily. 🤗

Second, we need to provide players with free online mahjong services. You won’t learn how to play mahjong just by watching the tutorials. Riichi, MCR, SBR mahjong are all game that pays attention to practical combat. Players will learn it more easily by playing against robots. 🤖

The third thing to do, let me think about it first. 😂

Benefits of Playing Mahjong

First, playing mahjong is very fun, second, it can enhance memory and concentration, and third, people who play mahjong will have more friends. 👫🏽

Our mission is make the world full of smiling face. We hope you can feel the fun of Mahjong here and make more friends. Come and play. 😊

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